Globalization of Bangladesh Economy: Trade, Financial and Investment Issues

Munim Kumar Barai.
Md. Liakat Hossain Moral
Journal of Business Research, vol. 2, 1999

This paper examines some of the sectors of the economy of Bangladesh in the context of  globalization since the change of the first government of the independent of Bangladesh. Actually  Bangladesh has undertaken a wide range of reforms to open the economy in the areas of trade, finance and  investment.
The globalization efforts in these areas have produced some positive results. But in the overall  assessment Bangladesh seems to have opened her too fast and too much; so import is growing much faster  than export. In the financial sector foreign and local private banks and non-bank financial institutions are  doing business profitably but playing little role in the financing development projects. The NCBs are also  losing their market share in terms of deposits taking. FDI has so far not responded well to the openness and  incentive measures offered by Bangladesh.
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